Hexyz Force is not the only weird name you will see here

And that my friends, is the honest to goodness truth. There are some really “interesting” names in Hexyz Force, but please don’t let that deter you from enjoying this awesome game. Which was actually published too by none other then Atlus.
With an actual storyline, characters you will laugh at and come to actually like, I must say Hexyz Force is the best role-playing game out right now for the Playstation Portable. 

Hexyz Force was released November 2009 in Japan, and May 25th, 2010 on the Playstation Network and in stores in the US. It was developed by Sting, and of course Atlus made sure that we could all enjoy it by getting it published here. My question is, why haven’t more people played it? Well once again it seems as though Atlus has pulled a fast one. They did actually release the game in the US, however it seems they only released a limited number of copies (for now), and only in certain cities.

So far I’ve heard numerous people say they picked it up from a local Fry’s Electronic store or some other form of electronics store, and even Amazon.com has had it available since the 25th. But the local Gamestops haven’t had it in stock? That is very weird, very weird indeed. So unfortunately for the gamers who did not want to make this purchase through the Playstation Network (aka PSN) they will have to wait till June 1st, 2010 to be able to buy it. Well at least the wait is worth it :)

So you’ve got the basics lets see what I think is important about this game shall we?



Taken directly from the manual:

The Gods’ Remorse spread across the peaceful world like a wildfire. An epic battle between Delgaia, the God of Destruction and the Divinities of Creation ensued, over the fate of mortal life.

Eventually, Delgaia was defeated and sealed into the world, but the Divinities of Creation also fell, and the world of Berge was separated in two by a giant miasma-filled crevasse — The Black Precipice.

One side of Berge was bathed in constant light, and is known as Lustrous Berge. The other half is cloaked in constant darkness, and is known as Dark Berge. The Black Precipice has been in place for so long that most residents of the world don’t know that the other half exists…

And now events loom, that threaten both halves of the world. Fate has chosen a champion from each half. The stage has been set. Will it be the best of times, or the worst of times?

In this story you will actually be able to play with both of the above said champions. Makes the replayability of the game something worth note. You just have to pick your poison at the beginning. Do you want to play as the teenage female cleric. Or do you want to play with the male knight who uses a big sword ? (There is definitely a joke in there somewhere…)

Ahem, also I should also point out that while there are some places that both characters visit in the story, for the most part events that transpire in the character’s individual storyline are pretty different. For this I would have to say that Sting did an excellent job.

Cecilia Intro Gameplay pt 1

Oh and if you like the anime cutscenes, then I’m sure that will be another pro for you as this game boasts over 20 mins of them. That’s pretty good for a Psp title that also has voice acting :)

As far as the story is concerned our young female cleric gets to start in the much more happy looking Lustrous Berge. After certain events transpire she has to go on a journey to save the world because she is chosen. Got to love those cliches!

While our male Knight has to start his story off in the semi forever night area of Dark Berge, his story is one of political scandals, war, and racism between species. Pretty interesting :o. Just remember… stay with an open mind when you come into this game. This is not a super deep game like a Final Fantasy title would be, and some things you might actually see coming from a mile away, however this is one of the “better” traditional rpg storylines.

Each storyline has their fit into the overall story, and like I said before it just depends on how you want the pieces presented to you. I think even after you beat the game once you might want to come back to finish the other half. Overall both storylines make the game about 40-50 hours in length. :D



The main thing I noticed while I fumbled my way through my video examples of the gameplay in the game is that this game has a tutorial for everything. While I didn’t really mind it, at first if you’re initially playing and you prefer to just learn say the battle system through playing it yourself, it can be a little overwhelming to see 5 tutorials in one go with a lot of information. Just remember that if you ever say fudge this and skip all of the tutorials they can always be found in your menu screen :).

There's more where this one came from D:

As far as exploration, this game actually has towns (le gasp!) and people to talk to so you won’t be bored, and there are some nice diversions if you talk to the right people. Also they really took it back to the old school rpgs with this game by allowing you the option to search corners, and barrels, and various other things for items and hidden treasure chests. After you pass a certain point in the game, thankfully you will get a special skill that makes finding these treasure chests and items much easier.

~Let’s do Battle!!~

Ah the part that really makes or breaks an rpg, the battle system. So remember what I said about the tutorials? Even though you will come across a couple of tutorials in the overworld the good majority of your tutorials will come from just being in battle. For the most part I can say this only happens in the very beginning of the game so be thankful of that.

This battle system though, to get back on topic, is actually pretty smooth. Once you skip all of the nonsense you see in the tutorials and start playing around with it you will notice a lot of things that you’ve seen in past rpg battle systems. Characters attack turn order is based on agility, and you can even see their turn order in the top right hand corner. You can only use 3 people in battle. Monsters take more damage based on their elemental affinities. You can get “Overkills” like in Final Fantasy-X And their is even a limit break type of attack to dish out to the hordes of enemies you face.

Now here are the 3 main differences that set this game’s battle system apart from most others:

  • You don’t get to attack freely as every attack costs Ragna Points (aka RP). Most basic attacks only cost 1-2 points but they do really crappy damage, while the hard hitting attacks can cost anywhere from 10-15 points on average. And you only start with about 40 RP in the beginning of the game… Don’t worry you can regain RP by defending which obviously makes you take less damage and you get some RP back…about 1-3 on average. Oh but you can use healing items to get your RP back….wait oops D:
  • There are no real healing items such as potions in the game! You have to equip certain items as weapons to each of your characters and they only get 3 extra slots to do that, so if you want to heal hopefully you have the right character with a really good “Ragnafact” or you have the items equipped. You did remember to equip that Resurrection Orb before you fought that strong monster right? Or you could heal by wasting your Force Points D:
  • Last thing. Besides having to worry about a monster’s elemental affinities, you need to keep track of Divine Aspects, or they will be used against you…

Say what?!

This all comes into play when dealing with a part of the game I like to call Hexyz Charge (ok that’s what it’s really called…work with me here!)

The image shown above is basically how Hexyz Charge works. You can find it right next to the turn order in your battle screen. Just a word of note: in the beginning of the game the Hexyz Charge seems like it will not make too much of a difference because the multiplier only goes up to 150%. But, by the end of the game it can reach as high as 999%! D: So you had better learn how to use it in the beginning of the game, and learn how to plan ahead. It also has the benefit of causing more overkills which gives you more Force Points, which also because of cause and effect, leads me to my next and last big topic(s).

~Ragnafacts, Spirifacts, and Force Points~
In this game you level normally with experience points so nothing new there. But when it comes to weapons and skills how do you get new ones? Well that’s where Force Points come in. You can actually use them to raise the attack power on your weapons, level the special techniques level (which you can learn new skills from), and even make it easier to resonate with said weapon. Resonating basically means you use less RP the higher your resonance level is with that weapon. And when I say weapon I mean Ragnafact.

Spirifacts, however work completely different. While their use is limited, it’s only limited to that weapon’s durability points. So an example would be the Sanocane, it comes with 2 skills: Heal and Purify that use 1 DP each. If your max durability on that weapon is only 3 you can only use that weapon, of course for 3 times then it’s no longer usable in battle. The catch to this however is that any used up Spirifacts can be transformed into more Force Points! So you always get something from them. :)

Last thing about Force Points besides using them to increase weapon capabilities, they are also used for fusing items together once you pass a certain part of the game. I haven’t encountered any stores in the game that I can think of right of the top of my head. So I assume that fusion is your primary way to not only get new Spirifacts, Accessories, and Armor, but this is the only other way that you can get those healing items besides sidequests/treasure chests. :)

Extra Info

  • This game is kind of easy.
  • This game implemented one of the best things known to the rpg universe. Frame Skip! If you’re in battle, and you just want to plow through enemies choose your attacks, and press the R Shoulder button and watch it speed it up! Very nice if you just want to get to where you’re going….be careful however because that button also works during dialogue. Doh!
  • If you see something, and you cannot access it like “ominous areas of blah blah blah”. Then most likely you will be coming back to examine it :(.
  • After you beat the two main character’s stories, Hard mode is unlocked.
  • Oh and there is a New Game + option.

So just in case you decided not to check Atlus’s official website here is a copy of the manual for this if you bought it from Psn: Hexyz Force US manual.

Also if you’re having trouble finding this, it should be available in local Gamestops hopefully everywhere by June 1st, 2010. There is always buying the digital copy from Psn. Or you could check my sponsor Amazon…although I looked at them recently and it seems they may have sold out as well. Lol

Image Gallery
This image gallery contains photos, game art, & screenshots for Hexyz Force on the Playstation Portable. Enjoy :p.


Cecilia Intro Gameplay pt 2
Hexyz Force Trailer by AtlusUSA
Hexyz Force – Levant’s Escape!

Pros & Cons
Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Hexyz Force:

  • Beautiful Anime Cutscenes with good graphics in game, and the voice acting is excellent ( to me at least).
  • Battle System is smooth and fluent, and can go super fast so you can get more of the story ahead of time.
  • There is a little bit of romance here and there, and while storyline is not deep it works with what it’s got and the characters all develop over time.


  • All this damn backtracking. It seems like as soon as you clear a place you have to backtrack to where you last were, 2 game saves ago. There is even a dungeon in the game you go to more then 3 times in each storyline…wtfudge!
  • No overworld map that you can explore. Just points of interest.
  • This game is disgustingly easy. You will get levels very quickly, and it will confuse you. For the most part you shouldn’t have to grind as there are only a few hard bosses, and maybe one or two enemies that will give you trouble…at least for the average gamer :p.
  • Sidequests are not that interesting, and sometimes over before you even start them.

Words from Z
Overall I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. If you are an avid rpger like myself, you don’t mind traditional turn based rpgs, and have a Psp then I highly recommend this game. Now I’ll let you decide, when are you going to play it?

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    I just started this game, looks beautiful and solid. I´m glad I did :)