You love eating & playing Demon’s Souls

My title for Demon’s Souls could be speculated by some to infer that this game has a certain level of “emotion” attached to it during play. Are these people right? Hell yes! This game has a certain level of difficulty not seen in most of today’s next gen games, but is the rewarding sense of accomplishment worth your time? Or should you avoid Demon’s Souls like the plague?

Well honestly if you would like a change of pace and you have a little time to spare this game is more then worth the time. :p

Demon Soul’s is an action rpg developed by From Software & Japan Studio exclusively for the Playstation 3. The game was released in Japan in Feb 09′. It was introduced to the US by Atlus in Oct 2009, and it’s actually still slated to release in Europe in June of 2010.

The devs who made the game specifically stated that this game was intended to be the next in the King’s Field franchise of games. However while continuing development for it they decided to avoid that since they would be restricted to the King’s Field play-style and world types. Thus Demon’s Souls was born, and it immediately became the “spiritual successor” of King’s Field.

So let’s take a look on why so many people are hooked on a game that you learn to play by losing…..



Taken directly from the manual:

Long ago…

The people who united the world by power of Souls awakened the Old One with their insatiable desires. The Old One brought with it a thick, colorless fog and hordes of demons; half the world and countless Souls were lost.

The ancients sealed the dozing beast inside the Nexus and entrusted six elders with six precious Archstones. One to the king of a small yet diligent land. One to the king of the burrowers underground. One to the wise queen of the great ivory tower. One to the chieftain of lost and ill-fortuned souls. One to the shaman of the tempest worshiping shadowmen. And the last to the great giants of the Northern Lands.

In the present day, the northern kingdom of Boletaria, ruled by King Allant the 12th, was abruptly swallowed by a strange colorless fog. None who dared penetrate the deep fog ever returned, until Vallarax of the Twin Fangs broke free and told the world of Boletaria’s plight.

The Old King Allant aroused the Old One, the great beast below the Nexus, from its eternal slumber, which brought the colorless fog, unleashing terrible demons that hunted men and claimed their Souls. Those who lost their Souls lost their minds. The mad attacked the sane, and chaos reigned.

The legend spread quickly. Mighty warriors were drawn to the accursed land, but none have returned. The colorless deep fog now slowly creeps beyond Boletaria’s borders, and humankind faces a slow and steady extinction as the deep fog will eventually swallow all lands near and far.

But Boletaria has one final hope. A lone warrior has braved the baneful fog…
Has the land found its savior, or have the demons found a new slave?

Demon’s Souls Opening & Intro Story

And yes of course you are that hero. :D The storyline to this game is perhaps the weakest part of it overall. However it does work quite well with this game, and actually that is not this game’s main focus in the slightest. The real focus is on gameplay.



The real reason why you are here to find out info about this game, is well, its gameplay right?

~Starting off~
When you first start the game you will be presented with the ability to create your character. The real thing of note in this area is the starting class that you choose. You have a choice of 10 different classes. Choose carefully however because this will be the character you play & die with for quite some time… Here are your choices:

  • Knight- A knight class of a rather advanced area of southern Boletaria. This is a character that is equipped with hard metal armor and shield, and thus, excels in defense, but because they have low luck, it will be difficult to obtain items. (Knights start the game with the strongest shield at that soul level.)
  • Soldier- A low-class soldier that always stands at the frontline of battlegrounds. This is the standard soldier type with especially high vitality and hard armor. Besides a straight sword, they are equipped with a spear, thus broadening their battle style. (This class is good for beginners, who like to focus on melee combat.)
  • Hunter- A specialist at outdoor activities. Their specialty is making long rang sniping attacks with a long bow. They are also equipped with leather armor and a battle axe, so they are well balanced overall. (This class is pretty balanced, and they start with a bow and some arrows.)
  • Priest- A soldier of the cloth that believes in the God of this world. This is a tough character that is equipped with chain mail and shield. They can heal themselves with miracles, but their lack of dexterity makes them poor at handling advanced weapons. (This class starts with a healing miracle and wields a mace, for some nice blunt attacks.)
  • Thief- They are hired by royalty and engage in dirty jobs. This character is good at sneaky tactics such as surprise attacks, ambushes, and critical attacks after parrying. They have very good luck. (This is one of the 2 starting classes that starts off with the highest Soul Level.)
  • Barbarian- A person from a primitive civilization. Out of all the classes, they have the highest Soul level, vitality, endurance, and strength, but their initial equipment is the worst. They have no armor and their only weapon is a club. (This is the 2nd of 2 starting classes with the highest Soul Level.)
  • Magician- A commoner that officially learned spells. They have already learned two spells, called “Flame Toss” and “Water Veil”. Since their weapon is small and they lack in defense, they don’t do too well with hand-to-hand combat. (If you like magic, then you will get a nice head start with this class, however keep in mind you will die if you get hit more then twice by strong enemies.)
  • Temple Knight- A special knight that protects the temple of God. They are heavily clad soldiers wearing white armor with the name of the now lost first temple and mow down enemies with halberd. They can heal themselves with miracles as well. (Of course this is Demon’s Souls version of a paladin.)
  • Wanderer- A lightly equipped soldier that continues an aimless journey. They have especially high dexterity and are skilled at using a curved sword. They also have high luck, but because their initial equipment is shabby, they are weak to attacks. (Think of this class as a lower level version of the thief. This starting class is probably not the best choice for beginners though, because of that.)
  • Royalty- A person of royal descent who has officially learned spells. They use the spell “Soul Arrow.” Their Soul level is the worst and begins as 1, but they are the only class that begins equipped with a rare ring. (Supposedly this is the easiest starting class. However things to note: this class starts at Soul Level 1. SO you will have less stats. To make up for this however, you get a rare mp regen starting ring, and a good attack spell.)

Note: If you need more detailed info on starting stats, and equipment for each class check the Demon’s Souls wiki.

So as you can see you have a lot of choices to begin with. Don’t let that confuse you however because honestly the starting classes are really there to just set up your stats. By increasing your Soul Level with souls you can actually build your character in a certain way where you can use any weapon, magic, or armor. Just remember it takes time…

A word of note, if you plan on going the magic/miracle route you must have a minimum of 10 in Intelligence and Magic just for Wizard type spells, and a 10 in Faith before you can cast Miracle spells.

Here is a picture of the stats you need to worry about:

Besides the guesstimating on which character you want to start off with you get to play around with your appearance, and your name. All I can say about this is it really doesn’t matter what you look like. I swear all the characters look pretty fugly….

Once you are done creating your ultimate character make sure you take some time to learn the controls in the tutorial. It will help in the upcoming worlds.

Demon’s Souls Tutorial pt 2/2

~Combat & Equipment~
The tutorial that I posted just shows you one of the many play-styles that are available to you in Demon’s Souls. It all really depends on what you want to do and what class you pick initially. The game is very realistic in regards to armor, and weapons.

So a quick example would be like the thief. If you like the idea of moving around quite quickly i.e. rolling to flank and avoid enemies then this might be the class for you. However keep in mind they are very weak starting off and you may get frustrated. However if you’d like to finish a foe off with flames of doom, then maybe a magician will “float your boat”. If you start off with a knight/temple knight they get some very good starting armor….the big issue though is that you move slower cause you have all this nice protective armor, so I’d say play around with the classes in the tutorial area so you get a feel of what you’d like to do.

There are so many options in combat it’s ridiculous.
You can not only roll, and dodge, but you can backstep, parry attacks, and even counter attack your foes.
If you don’t want to go sword and board style you don’t have to! The game allows you to wield a small or even a large sword/axe/spear/etc. two hand style, and as always this has its own benefits.

To be honest once you understand the mechanics of your class and your stamina bar, you can effectively use any weapon, armor, or magic to defeat the enemies you encounter. Of course certain weapons, and magic will be more effective against certain foes…but it depends on how challenging you want your combat to be.

As far as equipment in this game….yes it does break. Like I said this game is very realistic…I’m just glad they didn’t make it to where you need to drink water and food to survive. Your equipment has a weight value that you need to pay attention to. If your equipped equipment goes over half of your overall weight limit, then you will move slower. Just one more thing to keep track of. So besides learning combat effectively and watching your equipment durability the other thing you do need to survive besides patience is…

~Souls! I need more souls!~
Damn right you need more souls. The souls that you collect are everything in this game. Without souls you cannot buy items, repair equipment, upgrade equipment, or even level up. Yes it’s this games form of currency, and every little critter, foe, zombie, and other enemy including bosses drops souls. You can even find souls in the form of one use items for a fixed amount.

This is the catch however, if you die you lose all your souls. Whoa whoa, before you say wtfudge, let me tell you that wherever you die you can still come back and pick the souls up that you lost…. You just have to make it back to that area. So if you die before making it back to your previously dead body. All 100,000 of your unused souls are gone (Why would you save up 100,000 souls anyways?). Pretty disgusting eh? Oh and speaking of dying…

~I can kill you even while I’m dead!~
So lets say you do die while trying to make it through an area. If you were in body form (which means you’re max health is at 100% of its original value), you will turn into soul form. This is bad and good. The bad parts are of course losing your souls, but not only that your max health is now capped at 50% of it’s original value! The good part is that you now do more damage to enemies, and black phantoms cannot invade your world….

~What do you mean invade my world?!~
Oh, did I fail to mention that this game has online co-op and pvp gameplay? My apologies for that. First off let me say that if you do not want to play online you don’t have to. However the benefits of playing online far outweigh the cons. For example: as you are running around in your first world you will see red messages on the ground. These messages are actually messages left by other players who’ve came through the same area as you.

These messages can be helpful, or they can trick you. The thing is you will never know, because you will not see these other characters since they all exist in other parallel worlds. Sometimes you will be running along and you will see a white ghost pass you. That’s another character. Another thing of note is bloodstains. These ghastly areas show about 5-10 seconds of how the last person who left the bloodstain died. Very helpful to avoid traps or enemies in your environment.

Blue Phantom vs Black Phantom

Now back to the phantoms. I know I said before that you cannot see the characters from other worlds, but I lied….well kind of. Black phantoms are other real life people who are hella greedy. They basically invade other people’s worlds to kill you and steal your souls. The catch, as I mentioned before is that you have to be in Body Form for them to do that, and they have to be with 10 Soul Levels above you or below you. Oh and of course this can only be done online. This is just the pvp aspect of Demon’s Souls.

If you are a nice guy like myself then you can play co-op with some people as a blue phantom. The thing with this is if you die you go to soul form right? Well to get back to body form you either have to:

  1. Defeat a boss.
  2. Allow yourself to be summoned, by someone else in another world and help them defeat their world’s boss.

The only thing I don’t like about being summoned to help someone else is if you beat their boss from them you get no credit for it. that’s right you still have to go back to your world and beat your own boss. The good thing is that if you make it far enough you can see everything that lies ahead before you see it in your world effectively making you a better player…..maybe. Heh :)

~World Tendency & Character Tendency~
The last topic I’d like to touch on briefly is world/character tendency. When you first start the game you will have a neutral tendency. Killing bosses, black phantoms, and resurrecting blue phantoms to assist you, will bring you closer to a pure white tendency.

Assassinating characters as a black phantom, dying in body form, or even killing helpful NPCs, (yes you can kill your NPCs in this game, so be careful!), will bring you closer to a pure black tendency.

Now the deal between the two is basically this: depending on which tendency you have not only will you only be able to see certain events in the game, diferent unique weapons drop, and certain characters will appear that offer you quests.

If you are more pure white you are HP is penalized less in soul form and you do more damage, but if you are more pure black then enemies hit harder, but they drop more souls & items when they die. And here’s a hint…there’s a special character in the game that only becomes available if you’re tendency is pure black!

Swagger so bright, I don't even need light!

Image Gallery
This image gallery contains photos, & screenshots for Demon’s Souls. Enjoy :D


Demon’s Souls Quick Gameplay pt 5
Demon’s Souls Japanese Trailer

Extra Info
If you are looking for this game still, I would check Amazon.
There is a Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition but honestly it’s kind of pricey. D:

Words from Z
So in summary these are the basics of the game. Of course I had to add it into my ever growing list of rpgs. I suggest you give it a try…that is if you like a challenge. If you do decide to get it please feel free to stop by and tell me what you think of it.

So have you played it yet?