Swords, Food Filled Names, and Comedy…oh my its Brave Fencer Musashi!

Brave Fencer Musashi -us

Brave Fencer Musashi -us

One of Square’s most underrated rpg classics. Brave Fencer Musashi stands the test of time with comedic scenarios, innovative gameplay, and gasp voice acting! Man I remember when this game came out in 1998. I was still messing around with Final Fantasy 7, and looking forward to my next awesome rpg. Of course I was hoping that Square would just hurry up and come out with Final Fantasy 8, but unfortunately I had while before that dream ever came to fruition. Hmm actually I think the only reason I bought this game is because it was made by Square. (Impulse buyer anyone?) Either way I’m glad I did.


The Story was taken directly from the game manual.

Over 150 years ago, a giant monster suddenly appeared in the
Thirstquencher Empire, neighboring country to the Allucaneet Kingdom.
This monster was known as the Wizard of Darkness and was a huge creature
made of almost entirely of a powerful crystal known as Binchotite. After
easily destroying the Thirstquencher Empire, the monster made way for
Allucaneet, seeking the bountiful supply of Binchotite believed to be
buried there. The monster destroyed everything along the way. It is
believed that many creatures were born of this destruction as the Wizard
of Darkness had a strange effect on everything that crossed its path.

Upon hearing of the Wizard of Darkness’ approach, King Allucaneet ordered
the Hero Summon spell to be cast. The Hero Summon spell is a special
magical power that is handed down, generation to generation, amongst
only the Princess of Allucaneet. A closely guarded state secret, this
power is only used as a last resort when the kingdom is faced with great
danger. It grants it’s user the ability to summon a hero through
incantations made over a specially prepared crystal of Binchotite. The
summoned hero called upon to defeat the Wizard of Darkness was a two-
sworded fencer named Musashi. Musashi accepted the princess’ task and
set out on a journey to defeat the Wizard of Darkness.

Musashi and the Wizard of Darkness battled fiercely for a long time.
Even for a hero like Musashi, The Wizard of Darkness proved a
formidable foe. Finally, with the help of Lumina, the Sword of
Luminescense, Musashi was able to seal the monster within a magical

It is said that Musashi then divided the power if the monster into the
five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky, and sealed them
within five crests. These five crests became known as the Five Scrolls
and in the years to follow passes into myth along with the legend of the
brave fencer, Musashi.

Things began the rather suddenly. For years, tension had been steadily
rising between the Allucaneet Kingdom and the Thirstquencher Empire.
Finally, after diplomatic relations between the two nations ceased, the
Thirstquencher Empire abruptly attacked the Allucaneet Kingdom.
Unfortunately for Allucaneet, the king and queen were absent at the time
of the attack.

As if the Thirstquencher Empire had timed its invasion according to
their absence, the invasion began with one specific goal in mind; to
capture Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence. Unable to repel the surprise
attack, Allucaneet’s army lost ground quickly while the enemy pressed on
toward the castle. As the Thirstquencher army approached the castle, the
senior members of Allucaneet realized that their only hope would be to
summon a hero.

Did anyone else notice that Allucaneet Kingdom is “all you can eat”? Lol

Hmm that’s a pretty detailed backstory so how we looking in the present?

Well currently the beginning of the game has the advisors to Allucaneet Kingdom running down to the summoning area to get the hero of legend to once again assist them against the people opposing them. Everyone has their own ideas about what a strong and reliable hero is supposed to look like….boy will they be surprised!

Brave Fencer Musashi Intro

Heheh as you can see just from the intro the game definitely has a sense of humor. I’m also really impressed with the voice actors. They gave us a nice diverse choice of personalities to accompany each of the characters, and I think that that is what really gives Brave Fencer Musashi it’s charm. :)

Unlike Final Fantasy 7 you will only be seeing a lot of interactions like this in the game. However that’s fine as they do it so well with the voice acting.

There is however definitely one other thing to note besides having to get the sword Lumina and collect the 5 other scrolls…there isn’t anything else much left to the story. Yes you do get to run around and save the people and even collect action figures? (Wtheck?) Besides that though get ready for some times when you’re like man why isnt anything happening, but that’s where the gameplay comes in at.


The gameplay can be surmised in about 2 words. 3d Zelda, although at first it seems the world is ten times smaller their are actually alot of places to explore, and Brave Fencer also incorporates alot of platforming elements. You also have all of your regular stat type things that make it an rpg. However most of these are raised up by doing certain skills alot, such as the more you use Lumina or Fusion the stronger they become just by swinging your sword.

One difference however from Zelda would be the 24 hour game clock. In my opinion I wasn’t too much of a fan of it, but it does make the game more realistic and certain events only happen at certain parts of the game, so you basically need to watch it at all times, so you don’t miss stuff and so you don’t get too tired!

As you can see with the mixed action and role playing elements the gameplay will definitely keep you entertained. You will be mostly running around platforming it up in Brave Fencer. Also of note of the things that made this game pretty interesting was the fact that you could steal your enemies abilities aka assimilation.

While using Fusion you can steal enemies abilities to help you in all kinds of ways in the game. That’s basically the point of assimilation, to get through key aspects of the game. Each enemy possesses a different ability, some more beneficial than others. There are essentially two kinds of abilities that may be assimilated; those that trigger instantly and those that require Musashi to activate.

If you are stuck in the game assimilation is probably the answer.

Did You Know?

The antics and rivalry between Musashi and Kojiro are actually based off of the duel between legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi who used the Niten Ichi-ryū style (aka two sword style referring to the use of a katana and wakizashi ), and the well known swordsman Sasaki Kojiro.

(About 2min 25secs in…)

Poor Kojiro lol.


Princess Fillet

Princess Fillet





Also I’m a firm believer in trying to beat the game first with your own wits, but for a game of this caliber if you want to get all the secrets then you’re going to need some guides, and as usual Gamefaqs delivers.

Hmm and if you’re enjoying the tunes from Brave Fencer, check out some of the midi’s available on Midi Shrine.

Lost your manual, or bought a copy of the game and don’t have one? I got you covered:
This game requires a Playstation 1.

So where can I get this game?
I know for sure Amazon.com has a copy or two.

So this is another entry in my rpg list of greats.

Have you played it yet?