Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on Sept 7th and ClaDun Sept 21st

by Zleven on 01/09/2010


The highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is scheduled to release very soon here (Sept 7th) for Psp owners.
KH: BBS has incorporated a branching storyline, by making the gamer choose from 3 main characters in the beginning. Of course you can always come back after you finish the first storyline, and finish the other 2 for 100% completion, but besides that, and some other small perks, if you have ever played a recent Kingdom Hearts game before this one, then you know what to expect.

The thing that I did want to point out however is that there is another game under the radar for a lot of Psp owners, just because of what I think might be bad marketing.

This game is called Cladun: This is an Rpg.

ClaDun originally called Classic Dungeon, was originally scheduled to be released Sept 7th on the Playstation Network only.

Edit: Sept 1st
However just recently, according to ClaDun has received a two week delay, to fix a character issue.
(Well that sucks)

The advertisements for this game have been pretty much nonexistent, and it seems only a “handful” of people know about this retro dungeon crawler from none other than Nippon-Ichi, the same company who brought us the beloved Disgaea series.

What you can expect in this game, that basically got me excited was:

  • Retro Style or Modern Music
  • Pixel editor to make your own characters, and your own dungeons!
  • A nice storyline reminiscent of older games.
  • An interesting Job and Magic System

…and more. :) Check out the trailer below for more info.

Cladun: This is an RPG Trailer from otakuxgamer

Here is the Cladun Official Website.
And here are some teaser shots of Cladun:

So now with the new delay on ClaDun do you think you will be able to get it, and Kingdom Hearts: BBS?
Or will you just get one, and say fudge the other one?
I definitely intend on getting both. :)

Leave a comment! :)


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