Arc Rise Fantasia releases this month

by Zleven on 06/07/2010

So the above is just the Japanese trailer for Arc Rise Fantasia, but my question is… Is anyone else excited as I am for its release? The Nintendo Wii is just now starting to get some really strong rpgs, and supposedly this is going to be one of them. ;)
NA should see this game 7.20.2010
I can’t wait!

Edit: And of course a couple days after I post this tidbit of info they come out and say Arc Rise’s release date has been pushed back a week. We should expect this game around 7.27.2010 (hopefully) :)

  • __ender__

    I could have sworn I saw this at Wal Mart a few days ago… maybe they put it on the shelves early or something. Looks pretty cool anyway. If I ever get a Wii I’ll be sure to pick it up.

    • Zleven

      Make sure you check out my 1st 30 mins of gameplay on youtube before you decide to buy it…the voice acting is hilarious. :O

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